Federació d'entitats d'acció social que treballen de manera prioritària amb persones en situació o risc d'exclusió social per a la transformació i la justícia social

Affiliated organizations

Inici / Affiliated organizations

The 95 affiliated members of ECAS, made up of 8,500 hired professionals and around 7,500 voluntary workers, care for the needs of more than 800,000 people every year.

As regards the way organizations of social assistance in ECAS operate, two key factors are closeness and direct assistance. Furthermore, all of them hold in common the following:

  • They are non-profit organizations.
  • They work first and foremost with people who are -or may eventually be- socially isolated.
  • Their background in the field of social assistance has provided them with a degree of experience that ensures quality service.
  • They possess a transforming sight in their approach: their objectives go beyond responding to immediate needs. All of them are committed to the pursuing of a more egalitarian and fair society, more inclusive and cohesive, where all people can exercise their citizenship to the full.
  • They believe in the value of joint work and in the role of secondary and tertiary level organizations as cooperation platforms with other social agents in order to achieve common objectives taking as a basis the principle of joint responsibility.
  • They promote the creation of scenarios to develop, coordinate, and implement initiatives designed to have a bearing on the public sphere, beyond their specific field of direct intervention.

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