The primary purpose of ECAS is to represent and defend the interests of its affiliated organizations on their goal to build a more fair and united society. Our mission is to listen to all the opinions and proposals of our members in order to channel them the best possible way, by public outreach actions, networking and support programs.

ECAS promotes social welfare paying special attention to those at risk of being socially excluded. As a referent for social entities, ECAS gathers all its member’s proposals and takes part of the designing processes and the implementation of social policies. Our presence in working spaces with the government, public institutions and other social agents, both public and private, makes it possible to develop initiatives that contribute to the fulfilment of the objectives of our affiliated organizations.

ECAS promotes a model of social construction shared by administrations and civil society and, as a representative of the social tertiary sector, we work to build cooperation bridges that make for the achievement of our objectives.

The continuous activity of ECAS is channeled through different work committees  focused on specific issues. We also promote transversal events, such as the Work and Citizenship Congress, conferences and workships, framework programmes, such as Alia’t amb l’acció social (Team up with social action), and specific service projects for organizations, such as training for innovation of the sector or the job orientation website Mapa Laboral.

On the other hand, ECAS also edits reports and publications for the improvement of social action, such as the regular reports INSOCAT (social indicators report). The annual activity report gathers up all the events and actions that have taken place in one year. It also includes a financial report which reflects the balance and operating income of the federation.